Play is a child’s work. We feel that a child learns how to interact socially (with a little guidance), to grow in self-confidence, to develop physically and mentally through free play and a structured program. The structure on the 2’s and 3’s side consists of circle time, table time, and hands-on experiences in a stress-free setting. The child is presented with pre-reading and pre-math skills and introduced to a variety of learning experiences through visitors or field trips. We choose a letter or theme for the week and all the activities are based on that. Our daycare is filled with toys, games, books and computers. The 4’s class is more structured and we are in partnership with the Monongalia County Board of Education.

Behavior Management

Children are encouraged to express their feelings verbally rather than physically. We use time-out for thinking and getting in control. We try to be positive in every way. We tell the child what he or she can do rather than what they can’t do. We try to give lots of love, praise, and encouragement to develop a well adjusted little person.


Time Activities
7:00 School Opens with Free Play
9:00 Healthy Snack
9:30 Pledge of Allegiance & Story Time in two groups
9:45 Free Play (inside or outside)
10:30 Circle Time – Songs, finger plays & letter of the week basket
10:45 Structure Time – The children are divided into four groups, according to age and readiness.
12:00 Preparation for lunch and a video.
12:15 Home made healthy lunch
1:00 Nap Time
3:00 Rise and Shine
3:30 Healthy Snack
3:45 Free Play (inside or outside)
5:30 School Closes